Clean Needle Exchange

This proven healthcare program allows drug users to exchange a dirty needle for a clean needle and connects them with outreach workers and vital services such as treatment and prevention while getting millions of dirty needles off the streets.

Strong Mayor-Council Form of City Government

San Diego voters adopted this form of government to create an elected chief executive directly accountable to the voters and to establish strong checks and balances between the Mayor and City Council.

Smoke-Free Beaches and Parks Ordinance

This ordinance prohibits smoking on all city beaches and in all city parks.

VA San Diego Aspire Center for Veterans with PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury

This is a 40-bed residential treatment program for U.S. Military Veterans who have served our country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, are active duty, or who are homeless that helps them return to civilian life.

La Jolla Harbor Seal Pupping Season Beach Closure and Guideline Rope

The beach in La Jolla is where the Seal Colony hauls-out to rest and give birth to their pups between December and May.   This is the only beach south of Ventura County.  This compromise creates a safe environment to observe nature.